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Happy New Year everyone!  Apparently a few weeks have already ticked by in 2017, and I have yet to put together a blog post.  We have a few really exciting and super busy weeks coming up, so I figured it was about time I did!

NJ Portrait Photographer

In late November and early December, leading up into the holiday season, we had a lot of really great sessions, and one of my favorites was with John, an aspiring actor.  If my memory is correct, John reached out to us in mid-November inquiring about a headshot session.  He was looking to begin pursuing his long-time interest of acting, and really liked our work.  He was curious if our style and sessions are something that would work well for a portfolio of acting images.

South Jersey Commercial Photographer

While the bulk of our headshot clients are from the commercial / business world, we have also worked with a number of actors who perform in a various genres… television, musical theatre, etc.  In fact, our sessions are run in a way that is very similar to what you would expect from a typical acting headshot session, and they can easily be tailored for an acting client.  The methods we use to draw out a client’s personality, the coaching we provide, and the ways in which our sessions focus on the specific message or intent the clients are trying to communicate with their images are very well suited for what John was looking for.  We were really happy to accommodate and put something together for him!

NJ Professional Photography

We set up a phone consultation with John to discuss his goals and vision for the session in detail, and soon after he stopped by the studio for his session.  John’s a great guy with a really cool personality.  He really is a natural in front of the camera, and we really had an awesome time working together.  Hi session was a lot of fun, and things really seemed like a breeze.  Afterwards, he had scheduled an image review during which we could go over and select his final images from the session.  While an image review is an add-on for most of our headshot sessions, we really believe it’s a must-have for sessions as focused as acting headshots, where you’re targeting specific looks and messages.  Here, it’s definitely best to go over the images and make selections for retouching directly with the client.

South Jersey & Philadelphia Headshots

We were really able to come up with some great shots from John’s session, and he was really happy with his final images.  John’s such a confident, personable guy, and I really hope we catch him on the screen someday when we’re flipping through the channels!  Here’s some of the photos from his session!

actor serious headshot blue shirt headshot actor john headshot folded arms portrait actor john full body portrait

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