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South Jersey Headshots – What to Wear

A lot of our clients have questions about what to wear, so we figured it was a good idea to put together an updated post of our top tips for prepping for an upcoming photo session. Whether you’ve got a headshot session on the books or even a full commercial portrait session, you can be confident the info below will get you set up to look your best. Let’s get right into it!

South Jersey Headshots – What to Wear

Dress for the profession and work environment you are in (or aim to be in). 

  • A corporate attorney is almost guaranteed to have a different dress code than a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Be sure to dress the part.

Wear something that communicates what you want to say about yourself.

  • Maybe you own a traditionally-formal business like an accounting firm, but you want clients to understand that you have a more laid back, approachable approach? Wear something that communicates your message while still fitting your profession.

Stick with solid colors, and avoid distracting patterns.

  • Remember, the focus of the image is on you. Don’t wear something that takes away from this such as an awful, loud color or an ugly pattern. Deep, rich hues like blue, maroon, and purple photograph great. 

Avoid small, repeating patterns.

  • This one is super important, but a lot of photographers fail to mention it. Today’s digital camera sensors have trouble with small, repeating patterns, and they create a distracting problem called a moire pattern. Think of how a screen door looks in the wind, and avoid small patterns at all costs. Opt for a solid suit jacket over that houndstooth sport coat.

Be careful with candy apple red.

  • If you want to exude a powerful presence in photos, consider red accessories like a red tie instead. Very few people can pull off a full bright red colored outfit. You don’t want to look like Jessica Rabbit or a giant apple.

Everyone has that one outfit they look awesome in. Wear it.

  • You know that outfit you default to when you have to dress up and want to look good? Yup, that’s the one. As long as it’s appropriate for your profession (see above), go with this one. If you feel great in something, it’s going to show in your images.

Wear something that goes with your complexion and complements your best features.

  • Most people have an idea what colors work best for them. Wear something that contrasts with your skin tone and helps your face stand out. Contrast is key! Someone with a tan complexion should avoid a tan shirt and jacket that might make them look really monotone. If you’re fair-skinned with blue eyes like me, maybe a blue shirt would make your eyes stand out. Don’t pick solid white! Emphasize your best features!

Bring along a few clothing options.

  • You may want to bring a few ties, different suit jackets, or even different-colored shirts to choose from at the session. It never hurts to be over-prepared. The photographer may have insights you wouldn’t have considered.

Go with something comfortable.

  • Again, if you feel good, you’ll look good.

Do some prep beforehand.

  • Make sure your clothing is ironed and lint-free. We usually have a lint roller in the studio, but you’re out of luck on the iron.

Consider picking up some oil absorbing sheets.

  • These things are pretty great. If your face looks shiny in photos, these are the way to go. Yes, we’re going to retouch things, but it always helps to get it right in the camera in the first place.

Tame those fly-aways.

  • Bring along any hair gel, spray, or brushes you need to get your hair looking its best. A lot of female clients get their hair done beforehand. Sure, some folks have frizzier hair than others, and we occasionally get a super-humid day, but coming prepared is always the best way to go!

professional headshot examples storyboard


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