Swedesboro, NJ Real Estate Photography Session

Last week, I got a request to do some real estate photos for a gorgeous home in a private community down in Swedesboro, NJ.  I happen to know the owner, who is a super nice woman I haven’t seen in quite a while, and it was really great to see her.  I enjoyed having the chance to catch up a bit, and take some photos of her house.

Her house is one of the nicest dwellings I have been in, and it was super clean.  I can usually tell if someone just cleaned up for the photo session or if they really live in that fashion, and it was clear that they kept this place spotless!  One of my favorite things about the home was the art on display.  She has been collecting art for years, and there was some really super cool stuff to look at.  My favorite was some paintings commissioned specifically for Ray Kroc when her husband had worked for McDonalds Corporation.  I love this kind of stuff.

With such a beautiful home, I wanted to make sure I got some great photos, and I think we did it justice.  It was a pretty tough session with some harsh sunlight outside and some large interior spaces, but the owner was super happy with what we came up with!  She was even nice enough to leave us some kind words on both our Facebook Page and via email.  Here’s some of what she had to say, along with some of the shots I got!

Fred: I canot tell you how spectacular the photos of my home are: even though I am selling, when I look at what you did I have no doubt someone will want to live there. You are a true artist! I can only imagine how great your wedding and baby photos are…you capture the “feel” as well as the subject being photographed. Thanks so much.

– Jone S.


Fred:  Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job you did on photographing my home.   You are truly an artist.   We listed yesterday…and away we go!

– Jone S.

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  • Kimberly Sektnan October 8, 2013  


    We are looking for a real estate photographer for our NJ properties. Could you please tell me what you charge for pics and a video?

    Thank you.