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This was definitely one of my favorite recent sessions, but we certainly encountered our fair share of obstacles in pulling this one off!  To set the backdrop, we’re still in the process of moving into our new studio in Cinnaminson, NJ, and we’ve been super busy with sessions lately.  On top of this, we haven’t exactly been experiencing peachy weather lately.  It’s been a long cold winter with a bunch of snow, sleet, freezing rain, and just a general mess!

Around a week ago, on what was set to be one of the first days we’ve had off in a while, I received a call from Liz inquiring about a getting a studio headshot.  Liz is a telecom executive and founder of Xtel Communications, and she will soon be featured in a prominent local magazine.  Liz explained that she was recently informed she would need a headshot for the publication.  She realized it was a last minute request, but wanted to know if we might be able to squeeze her in for a session that afternoon!  haha… so much for my day off!

Truthfully, Liz sounded really nice, and we were happy to schedule a session with her for that afternoon.  The only concern I really had was the weather.  I was hoping that the roads would be safe enough for us to both head over to the studio, especially with more snow on the way.  I arrived a bit early to set up, and as it turns out, the roads were fine.  It was that the power that was the issue!  The electricity in our building was out because of a massive branch that had collapsed onto a power line about 300 ft. from our window.  The area was surrounded with caution tape, and the utility folks were set to repair the issue later in the day.  (aka… “Yeah, we’ll get to it guys!” as I’m sure they were dealing with this in scores of other locations!)

No power means no studio lights and no heat… both of which are no good!  If Liz was willing to make her way through the dark building, my only options would be to work with the small, battery-powered flashed I had brought along or postpone the session.  Luckily, Liz was just downright awesome.  She was a really good sport, and we decided to go for it with what we had available!  Minutes later, I had some small flashes & umbrellas up, and she was bringing some massive charisma to the mix.  She was just a downright blast to work with, and even decided to purchase a photo review session, so that we could wrap things up that afternoon.  We had a great time with the session.

Of course, we nailed it, and got some shots that she loved.  She was super happy with the results, and thanked me a bunch for being able to squeeze her in for a session.  She also mentioned that she would like for us to do some work with her team at Xtel in the coming weeks, and she would be sure to get us a copy of the publication the photo will be in… very cool!  We’re super excited and looking forward to meeting her team, and having the pleasure of working with them.  Here’s some of what we came up with at Liz’s session!

IMG_1590 CL

IMG_1613 CL

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