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I’ll never forget my headshot session with Xtel Communications founder & EVP Liz Sorino back in early 2014.  She was going to be featured in South Jersey Biz magazine as one of their Women to Watch in 2014 and needed an image to submit for the publication.  The session turned out to be quite an adventure, and we had a great time working together.  You can read more about this session here, and check out a tear sheet from the article below.  Liz mentioned she would reach out to us for photos of the other folks at Xtel, and fast-forward to early 2015, she made good on her promise!

South Jersey Executive Headshots

Cheryl, Xtel’s Director of Marketing, reached out to us in February, looking to have us photograph the executive team at their offices.  Soon after, we had settled on a time where they could have everyone in place at the same time, and they booked the date.

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We arrived early to meet everyone and to get things set up for the session.  Cheryl was super-cool, and she was great at accommodating us with a nice-sized space where we could set things up.  In a last minute change of plans, we decided to skip the gray backdrop I had brought along in favor of using the surroundings in the lobby.  We had planned on shooting the group portrait there, and I just thought it would provide a great backdrop for the individual shots as well.  I asked Cheryl, and after seeing a quick snapshot of what I had in mind, she was on board!  Awesome!

In the end,  we had a great time working with the team at Xtel, and it was great to see Liz again and meet some new folks!  Below are some of the shots from the session, along with the tear sheet from my original session with Liz.


Above:  Tear sheet from South Jersey Biz magazine, Feb. 2014, Women to Watch in 2014 with my photo of Liz Sorino of Xtel Communications.

Here’s the shots from our session, along with some kind words from Cheryl!

Fred these look amazing. Thank you so much!

– Cheryl A.

IMG_5407 CL

IMG_5339 CL

IMG_5375 CL

IMG_5298 CL

IMG_5325 CL

IMG_5243 CL

IMG_5314 CL

IMG_5329 CL

IMG_5383 CL IMG_5230 CL

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