The Best Way to Get Your Business More Attention Online

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Social media marketing for business is huge. Technology has made it easier than ever for companies to interact with prospective customers and project the right image for their brand.

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses struggle to attract attention and convert leads into customers online. Furthermore, they aren’t quite sure where to put their money for maximum returns on their investment.

However, one of the most effective things a business can invest in is professional photography and video for their website and social media.

Great visual content is immensely powerful. Prospective clients connect with visual information so easily, and they love when it tells a great story.

Custom Photography for Websites & Social Media

The importance of great photography, especially on social media, simply can’t be overstated. Just look at the immense reach of visual platforms like Instagram (with 700 Million active users as of Apr. 2017), or statistics like “Facebook posts with images see 2.3X more engagement than those without images.” from HubSpot.

Furthermore, there’s no better approach than going with custom, professional photography for your business. Studies, like this one from Jakob Neilsen, have shown that relevant, real, professional imagery connects with potential clients far better and increases conversions more than stock imagery which tends to be ignored. In addition, having poor quality photos may be more harmful than having no images at all.

You don’t need us to tell you how a striking, visually-arresting image can stop folks in their tracks and get attention!

Reach more potential clients using stunning imagery!

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Custom Video for Business

For years, video marketing has been exploding, a trend is only projected to continue. As HubSpot reports: “By 2017, video content will represent 74% of all internet traffic.” and there are scores of other statistics that hammer down just how powerful and effective using video in your content marketing can be.

The best part is, that there are so many ways to use video to get your business website noticed on social media and on your website. Whether you want to use demonstration videos, testimonial videos, or even behind the scenes clips, video marketing is ultra-powerful when used effectively. It’s a tremendous opportunity to focus on your brand message, tell a story, and connect with potential clients.

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Getting on the Right Track

Marketing professionals are placing a huge emphasis on visual content as part of their content marketing strategies. Why? Because they know it works. 

As a business owner, you can harness the same power by investing in professional photo and video for your business website and social media. The right commercial photography and videography professional will know how to walk you through the process of creating the right kind of visual content to communicate your message, targeting and building connections with potential clients.

Oh, and feel free to drop us a line if you need any guidance! We would be happy to help!

Below, are a few examples of our work being used online and in social media by various companies and even our own sister company S18 Newborns, focused on the family photography end of our business. Enjoy!

enterprise megan social media

Enterprise-Brandon-Screenshot-web 2

The-Vigilante-Law-Firm-homepage-web 2


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