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Earlier in the year (back in June if my memory is correct), the folks over at The Michaels Organization reached out to us and inquired about us setting up a booth to provide conference attendees with a new headshot.  They had individuals from all throughout the country coming, and they thought it would be the perfect addition to the event.  We couldn’t agree more!

Event Headshot Booths

FYI… Our headshot booths are an awesome addition to any event or conference!  They really are a no-brainer for companies looking to stand out.  When folks hire us, they pretty much guarantee that every single attendee is going to visit their booth at least once, but often more than once!  While the folks are in line for their conference headshot, they have plenty of time to get acquainted with the company that hired us!  By the end, we know every face at the event!

Conference Headshots

The Michaels Organization is a privately-held family of integrated companies that operate independently in different segments of the housing industry.  They build and manage communities which span a number of areas, including military, senior, and student housing.  One of their projects is actually some of the student housing at Rowan University, where I earned my undergraduate degree.  Very cool!  I’ve actually seen some of the new housing, and it’s gorgeous.

Professional Headshot Photography

After a good deal of discussion about details, we were able to put together something that worked perfect for what the folks at The Michaels Org. needed.  They actually decided to hire us for an event in September and an additional event in early December!  There were a few changes with location in the planning, but we were able to accommodate everything they needed.

Able to Handle the Big Sessions… and the Smallest of Details

Our September session was held at their Marlton, NJ headquarters, and it went off without a hitch!  At S18 Photography, we typically pride ourselves in how smoothly we’re able to handle all of the logistical considerations, and ensure our larger sessions go as smoothly as possible for our corporate clients.  We tell our clients that it’s not just about great photography… you definitely want to hire a company with experience that you are confident can handle things!  I have to tip my hat to the marketing folks at The Michaels Org. though!  Staci, the marketing specialist we worked with really had her ducks in a row, and it was a big help!

South Jersey Headshots

It was really terrific to meet some nice people, and have the chance to work with the folks attending the conference at The Michaels Org.’s Marlton HQ.  We really could tell they had a great corporate culture, and all of the staff whom we had the pleasure of meeting were really positive and engaged.  This is something you tend to take note of when you do a lot of corporate photography!  In the end, folks love the images we delivered.  Here’s some of the shots from the event!

tmo contact sheet C

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