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Tom is a Realtor based out of Keller Williams in Center City Philadelphia, and he recently reached out to us for some photos to go with his new website.  He also works out of Keller Williams in Cherry Hill, NJ, and you may remember him from his headshot session back in March.  Since then, he’s been tearing it up in the Philly market and has been looking to build up his web presence.  Tom’s a great guy with a big personality, so I was pretty excited when he got in touch with us about some new images.

For a few weeks, we kicked around ideas for the session, really trying to hone in on exactly what he was looking for.  At one point, we were going to do some outdoor, on-location images over in Philly.  We thought these would work pretty well with his site, but we eventually decided on a set of studio shots that he could use on various banners and advertisements.  The guy working on his website had suggested that he could really use of a set of shots on transparent backgrounds in the site’s design, so we went ahead with this idea.

From here, we faced a bunch of obstacles in getting together… everything from us both being swamped with work to Tom having some travel plans for a few days.  We must have pushed the session off a half dozen times, but, in the end, it was great to finally be able to get together for the session and get some great shots.  It was also really cool to hang out with Tom before I headed off to the hospital for the birth of my second daughter!  Good times… here’s some of the shots from the session!

IMG_4702 Mod CL







IMG_4905 Mod CL

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