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Back in May, the folks at Apple Rock New York / New Jersey (formerly known as ExhibitCraft) reached out to us for some commercial photography.  Their company creates incredible custom trade show booths, kiosks, interactive displays, portable displays, etc.  You get the picture!  With locations across the country, they have worked with over 15,000 clients to create award-winning displays for just about every industry imaginable.  The work they do is really cool stuff, and we were very excited to work with them!

NJ Commercial Photography

When they contacted us, there was a large trade show coming up with the cosmetics industry, and they were looking for us to head out to photograph some of their custom creations.  We headed up to the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center up in Edison, NJ, a place we’ve done a lot of work before, to create some images of their custom booths.

South Jersey Photographers

We had to be sure to arrive early to ensure that we could get the photos before the event began and the location was filled with people.  While I’m not known to be much of a morning person, we arrived about 2 hours before the event was set to begin.  We quickly gained access to the locations we needed to be at, and also quickly realized that we would be in for a bit of a delicate balancing act.  While we had certainly beaten the impending crowds (lines were already around the block!), a few of the booths were busy setting up!

South Jersey Product Photography

We had to be careful to get the shots we needed while not getting in the way of the folks setting up or getting them in the photos!  A few of the booths were empty, so this was no trouble, but we gave the booths racing the clock as much time as possible to stage their location.  In the end, we used a combination of careful camera placement and longer exposures to blur any individuals for some of the final shots we took.  We wrapped up shooting right about the time when the trade show floor was being opened up to attendees!  Perfect timing!  We hopped in the car just as the lines were funneling in!

NJ Corporate Photographer

The folks at Apple Rock were really happy with what we sent them, indicated that it was exactly what they were looking for!  It was a fun trip, and we really enjoyed headed up to the NJ Conference & Expo Center to take care of the shots they were looking for!  Here’s some of the images from the session!

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