Trump National Golf Club – Pine Hill, NJ Wedding – The Couple’s Favorites!

So the event’s over… the last dance wrapped up, folks said their goodbyes & congrats, vendors packed it in, and hopefully everyone’s gotten to where they plan on spending the evening safely.  By this time, Katie & I have likely collapsed on the couch and eagerly started pouring over the night’s photos, scratch that… the THOUSANDS of photos from the day.  We’re pretty quick with the turnaround in processing our shots, mostly because we’ve never outgrown our eagerness and excitement to get through a set.  And, sure enough, within a week or so, the photos have been processed.  The funny thing is that out of the thousands of shots, Katie & I can always pick out our favorites and the reasons we love them really quickly.

But we started wondering…  Of the weddings we’ve photographed, what photos were the couples’ favorites, and are they the same ones that we liked best?  I mean, probably not, since we’ve always found our clients have picked out different favorites with portrait sessions (when we readily asked them).  We certainly know which ones they tend to favor, by their print & product orders and by our discussions with them.  But this time, we decided we would contact one of our favorite past couples and really ask them to narrow it down to some favorites!   We bundled this with a handful of other quick questions, and we promised to design some custom timeline covers for their Facebook profiles featuring their picks if they were kind enough to play along!

Sure enough, our happy couple were kind enough to play along and lend us some of their thoughts!  You may remember Andrew & Meaghan from their gorgeous 2012 fall wedding at Trump National Golf Course in Pine Hill, NJ.  We first met up with them for their engagement session in May of 2012 at Redbank Battlefield Park in National Park, Gloucester County, NJ.  Here’s what they liked!

Q1.  What is your favorite photo(s) from the wedding?

Q2.  What makes it your favorite?

The photo just captures our true personalities and how happy the day was. The moment was right as we were announced to our guests as husband & wife for the first time.

Q1.  What is your favorite photo(s) from the wedding?

Q2.  What makes it your favorite?

She picked three!  (Exciting!)

A) This is one of my favorite shots of the Bridal Party as a whole. It showed the whole party great in an interesting pose that wasn’t so “traditional” and the background setting was gorgeous.

B) By far this is our favorite of the “formal” poses. The background setting is gorgeous and exactly what we wanted to see and how we want to remember our day. It was a very classic look/style with a timeless background & pose.

C). This photo was one of my personal favorites. The truly candid moment captured 20 years of friendship for me and my best friend – always having a good time and sometimes in our own little world.

And one last question, of course…

Q3.  What was your favorite moment working with us?

I think we both can agree that working with you guys made things very easy. We are relatively calm and laid back people and it was nice to work with people who were the same. After our engagement shoot – we knew it was a perfect fit. You guys weren’t over-powering and in our faces all day – which allowed us to just enjoy the day and in in-turn the candid shots are some of our favorites. Also the turn around time for our images was great – we were able to use the images for our Thank You Cards and share the moments from the day with our guests.

Awesome!  Well, Meaghan & Andrew… we really enjoyed working with you too!  It was a great experience from start to finish… from the engagement session through the wedding, and we were lucky to have a fantastic couple like you!  🙂

It’s really great to see which photos people connect with and be able to understand exactly what emotions these images conjured up!  That’s part of what makes doing this so rewarding… this and getting to work with some great couples!  Of course, we sent a handful of timeline cover designs, as promised, but we still can’t that Andrew & Meaghan enough!

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