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Around a month ago, I received a call from an agent from Avalar Atlantic Properties in Sewell, NJ about photographing her home in Turnersville, NJ before she was going to put it up for sale.  She was super nice, and we spoke at length about how she thought it was really important, not just to get professional photos for her own home’s listing, but also for her future listings.  We talked about the different marketing options we had available, everything from a standard photo session to high definition video tours and twilight exterior photography.  She settled on a rather extensive set of options that she felt would best highlight her home & we scheduled a date.

As the date of the session arrived, we had the usual concerns about the weather, but things seemed to clear up towards the evening, and we were able to go through with the session.  In our discussions, I explained to her that it would actually be easier to photograph the interior shots if it was a bit cloudy out, and the only real concern I had for the exterior shots would be if it was just pouring rain out.  Since you truly never can control the weather, we’ve gotten pretty skilled at working in most conditions.  Cloudy days aren’t usually an issue.  Sure, you always prefer golden sunlight coming from a perfect direction, but you rarely get this luxury.  It’s easy to enhance the image and add a natural looking blue sky with some clouds in post processing.  So, for the most part, cloudy days aren’t a big concern.

Another thing I should highlight is the fact that this session is for an agent selling her own home.  I can’t emphasize just how many agents reach out to us when they are selling their own homes.  Even agents we know & are friends with, who don’t spend the money for professional photography for their clients almost always reach out to us for photos when it comes to selling their own house.  If we’re talking numbers, I’d say the numbers are easily in the dozens here.  That really speaks volumes!  These agents know our photos get results, and when it comes to selling their own properties, they are calling us up… guaranteed.  In the case of this particular agent, I’m happy to report that she is looking forward to scheduling a number of sessions with us in the future… a few rental homes she owns and even future listings.  Very cool!

We’re looking forward to working with these folks again, and the house was beautiful and photographed very nicely.  The decor was really cool, and the dominant color throughout the home was green, giving everything a nice, organic feel.  It was very stylish and serene.  I enjoyed the session, and we were even able to get a great twilight image despite the challenging lighting at the end of the session.  Here’s some of the photos from the shoot, and we’re looking forward to working with them again soon!

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