The story always goes something like this…

Your Uncle Bob has an amazing camera, and he has just offered to photograph your wedding.  He says he won’t even charge you.  It can be your wedding present!

Sounds good to me… I mean, how could you go wrong?  Weddings are expensive, so why wouldn’t you want to shave a few thousand off of the budget?

Uncle Bob is a lawyer, and he loves photography.  He’s got some cash, so he has the best camera money can buy.  Heck, let’s assume he’s got a Canon 5D Mark III ($3,500)  Let’s even say that good old Uncle Bob loves shooting photos so much that he even bought an entire set of Canon L series lenses & accessories (around $15,000 or so)  Yeah… he’s ready to rock.

At this point, Uncle Bob has stacked the deck… he’s more prepared than 99% of Uncle Bobs out there!   What could go wrong?

While we’re sure Uncle Bob has taken some wonderful pictures of flowers, landscapes, and kids at the playground, we’re positive he’s in over his head.  Let’s take a quick walk through just a few of the MANY parts of the wedding that are going to throw Bob for a loop…

Uncle Bob kicks things off by trying to get some shots of the bridesmaids getting ready, when he realizes that he should’ve tried a wider lens indoors.  He’s too busy fumbling around changing lenses and misses the bride getting her makeup done.

Even worse, he doesn’t know how to manually expose his shots.  Bob doesn’t do manual.  His camera is in Auto mode, and some of the photos are coming out blurry.  Worse yet… Uncle Bob has no idea how to use lighting, so he has the ISO cranked to the max on his camera!  The room is pretty dark, and he’s getting some seriously grainy shots.

Next up… some shots of the guys!  Uncle Bob’s camera sees all of those dark suits, and begins overexposing the shots a whole lot to compensate.  We’re talking about some seriously blown-out photos!  By now, you would think he’d be frustrated, but he has no idea… he keeps firing away!

Things just get worse when folks start making their way down the aisle.  Uncle Bob’s got his telephoto lens on, and he means business!  He sees the bride & her father begin walking.  Unfortunately, he’s all shaky because of the long focal length of the lens, and he doesn’t have a fast enough shutter speed dialed in.  His focus settings aren’t set to capture moving subjects either.  Bob lays into that trigger like a pro… blazing through 50 frames!  None, of course are in focus, and everything is super-blurry…

Now, it’s time for formal shots with the wedding party & family!  Uncle Bob’s still at it like a champ.  So what if he’s not really seasoned at posing groups of people?  He figures the beautiful scenery will make up the difference, but unfortunately, he doesn’t know how to shoot in the harsh sunlight.  His camera is trying to compensate by underexposing every single shot!  Bob fires off round after round of dark, murky formal photos.

When he’s not getting down to “We are Family,” Uncle Bob is busy nuking your guests with his direct flash.  They look ghastly (and sort-of frightened) against the pitch black surroundings.  Think deer in headlights.  Remember… Bob doesn’t have any experience properly lighting things.

Bob’s exhausted.  He’s been shooting for around 8 hours, so he decides to hand the reigns over to his teenage son, a big fan of photography too.  He figures it shouldn’t be a problem.  Besides… it shouldn’t matter anyway.  He’s doing you the favor and saving you all of that money!

Back in the studio, most pros would spend countless hours with high end software editing & sorting through the best shots. Uncle Bob, on the other hand, saddles up to his computer & churns out a DVD with all 3,000 of his beautiful images… without a single “enhancement.”  Uncle Bob doesn’t do software…

By now, you can probably picture the bride in tears.  She notices the 50+ pictures of her dad walking her down the aisle are a mess, and Uncle Bob missed the first kiss!

While this story is purely fictional, we have to be honest… Uncle Bob got off pretty easy.  He had WAY more gear than the average “Uncle Bob.”  Compared to the average wedding, he didn’t really even face anything challenging.

What would good old Bob do if he had a bride with serious arachnophobia surrounded by grass filled with little spiders?  (True story!) Here’s one of our actual shots from that scenario…

Look… this is your wedding.  Don’t cut corners on your photographer!  Hire professionals who know photography like the back of their hands!  🙂

They were great to interact with, extremely professional, and delivered above and beyond what my husband and I were hoping for. The quality and attention to detail of their photos are unmatched by any other photographer out there.

– Claire K.