Here’s just a few of the reasons why we’re awesome to work with…

  • Every session is a custom experience.  There’s nothing cookie cutter about it.  People are different, and their headshot sessions should be too.  A coal miner isn’t going to look his best in the same pose and lighting as a glamour model… that’s just common sense. Now, when was the last time you got something custom-tailored just for you?
  • You’re going to love your session.  Most people dread being photographed, but you’ll feel at ease and let your guard down with my engaging style.  Imagine that… you’ll be able to be yourself, and get amazing photos!
  • I won’t ask you to “say cheese!”  Huh?  … yeah, I don’t just plop you on a stool, say “smile!” and snap less than a half dozen shots.  Your photo won’t have a fake, strained smile… it’s going to be a genuine, approachable looking expression.
  • We have something to prove.  We think the photography industry can be much better, and we’re out to show you.  Your deserve higher quality photos.  After working with us, you’re won’t have to rebook with another photographer because you chose the “budget guy.”  We’re all premium, all the time.
  • I might goof around with you, keeping things light & fun.  But, make no mistake…  I’m aware of every last detail, and I mean everything.  The way you naturally stand, that little piece of flyaway hair, and even the fact that you’re one eye’s a tad smaller than the other.  Oh, and don’t worry… I’ll know just what to do.
  • Things happen in my photos. They are all about connections. When someone looks at your headshot, they’re going to feel like they’re genuinely connecting with you, because I’ll get you to connect with the camera.
  • I’m a relentless perfectionist & workaholic, fixated on getting you an image that is crisp, vibrant, & destined to wow you.  We take the time to do things right, all while being mindful of your time.
  • We’re easy to get in touch with.  A simple email or a phone call is all it takes.  We’re big on being accessible to our clients, and helping answer any questions we can.  Drop us a line & we’re sure to be in touch very quickly.
  • If you’re still not convinced… Click Here to see some of what our clients have had to say!

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