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A few weeks ago, one of our friends at Keller Williams Realty in Cherry Hill, NJ gave us a ring about a nice listing they had just gotten… a large luxury home in Williamstown, NJ.  She said the house was gorgeous and really wanted the listing to have beautiful photos for marketing.  The home was around 5,200 sf, and it sat on quite a few acres of open land.  Both the interior & exterior were beautiful.  It was just a downright really nice place, and the owner, Patti, who was there when I arrived, was just super nice too.

It’s always nice to get to know folks a bit when you are photographing their home.  They’ve already been kind enough to let you into their private residence, and a lot of times, the homeowner is interested in how we do things.  Sometimes folks will simply offer you a hand & mention that they will be sure to stay out of your way.  However, Patti told me about the restaurants she & her husband had owned in Philadelphia.  They had owned more than 13 franchises at one point, but her husband had decided to go into consulting recently.  She explained that what they now did was sort of like the show “Restaurant Impossible” on the food network… helping restaurant owners succeed with their businesses.  She even mentioned something about potentially opening some coffee businesses in the near future, and she was even kind enough to brew me a cup of coffee on their espresso machine.  For the record, the coffee was really good.

While the home was a huge luxury dwelling, it was also kept really pristine inside and out.  The funny thing is that Patti was apologizing because she had felt she should’ve straightened things up a bit more for the shoot!  I just laughed, as she was more prepared than most of our real estate photography clients.  On top of this, she was also watching three little kids that day too… I believe they were nieces & nephews, and they were really good kids.

In the end, it was a pleasure to photograph the home, and I got some terrific images for the agent to market the property with.  I really loved some of the features in the house.  Here’s some of the shots from the session!
















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