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Back in late June, a friend of mine was kind enough to send a commercial photography client our way.  Initially, this client had reached out to another photographer, who recommended my friend to them.  In turn, he thought we might be a better fit for the project.  Look… I’m not trying to be a philosopher here, but in reality, the old “snowflake” analogy holds true when it comes to picking the right photographer.  No two photogs are the same, and you’ve really got to make sure you choose one that is a good fit for you or the job you need done.  On top of this, commercial work is really a specialized thing.  Since I do a ton of work with lighting and commercial interiors, we wound up being the right fit for the job!

The client was Conqueror USA, a supplier of safety and workwear apparel, and they were super cool to work with.  These guys work with some really niche market products, such as fire safety and high visibility garments, and their products have some super-rugged, high quality components like 3M reflective tape and YKK zippers… stuff we were sure to highlight in our images.

We set the project up into a two days worth of sessions in the studio.  One day was focused on the actual garments to get a whole set of product shots, detail shots, etc., and the other day was set to be a session where we would shoot the clothing on a handful of models.  With a few days in between, we had the garments hanging around the studio to catch any detail shots we might need to re-shoot.

I’m pretty happy to say that things went really smoothly throughout the whole project, and the folks at Conqueror were super happy.  The first day was a marathon, full-day session where we went down the entire set of product and detail shots for 20+ garments.  A few days afterwards, we brought in the models for the rest of the images and anything we might have missed on the first time around.  While the first day was a marathon, the second session was more like a sprint, since the models had a limited availability.  We had only a few hours to nail down shots of the models with a whole lineup of clothing combos!  The studio was filled with a bunch of burly model dudes running around getting changed while Conqueror’s sales manager was making sure they were looking sharp and attacking these guys with a lint brush.  We managed to work it all in though!

It was a great crew, both the models, and the folks from Conqueror, and I really enjoyed the entire project.  They were really happy with the images we produced, and used them for their website and print catalogue.  I’ve yet to swing by, say hello, and grab a copy or two of the catalogue, but we’ll likely be getting together within the next month or so to shoot their upcoming spring line.

Below is a host of images from the project, and a screen capture that links to their website.  If you know someone who needs some high quality workwear or specialized safety apparel, be sure to swing by their site and check out their product line!


Screenshot from Conqueror USA’s online catalogue. Click the image to visit their website at!

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