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“Yes, I’m That Awesome.”

Or: How I Learned to Stop

Worrying and Love Being in Front of the Lens

So What’s it About?

Everyone has that friend or family member who is super photogenic.  You know the type.  It could be a cousin, sibling, or even a colleague, and they just look great in every picture you see.  Their smile, pose, and everything… it just works, and you’re not even sure why!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just have a little bit of whatever it is that makes them look so good in photos?

Very few folks actually LOVE being in front of the camera. The rest of us aren’t particularly thrilled when there’s a lens pointed our way…

However, there are actually a bunch of things you can do to make yourself look much better in photos.  I’m talking about super-simple, really subtle tips that Katie and I have used with our clients for a long time.   It doesn’t matter if it in a professional photo shoot or just in a camera phone snapshot with friends.

These simple tips can help make you more photogenic.  

At S18 Photography, we’re all about creating photos that make our clients look and feel terrific, so we packed this ebook with great tips!

Sign up for updates, check out the eBook, and soon, you will be the one people see in photos and think… “Damn, he/she always looks great in photos! I wish I was that photogenic!” And when you hear that, you can just smirk and think to yourself…

“Yes, I’m That Awesome.”

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